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Set of 4 shot glasses

Diameter: 47mm, Height: 45mm Wall thickness: 6mm Weight: 100 gr х 4 = 400gr.

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Shungite flower pot: a miracle in your home

       Houseplants make an integral part of our home comfort adding specific charm and recreating nature in miniature in the urban houses and apartments. In addition to their aesthetic function they have one more practical task: to revitalize the room microclimate exhaling oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. When cultivating home plants, we all want them to flourish for a long time and to grow well. At the same time, we don’t feel like spending much time on them. Today we have a great chance to make the plant cultivation process much easier and effective using the flowerpots of a unique natural material – shungite.

The envoy from space

        There are many legends about shungite properties. People have been using this mineral for their health improvement and emotional poise for about five centuries and really miraculous features of this stone made the basis for lots of magic rituals. That is one of the rarest and most precious minerals on the Earth: shungite deposits can be found in Karelia only. And pure shungite monoliths are quarried in Zazhoginskoye deposit. According to one of the modern theories, this stone is a part of the Planet Phaethon that fell on the Earth and disappeared in this space cataclysm millions of years ago.

Wonder of life

       Usual tap water becomes fabulous water of life if you put shungite crystal in it for just some minutes. Due to the specific mineral composition, this “charged” water if useful for the human health and also influences the plants in some mysterious way promoting their growth and improving their disease resistance. Strong root system, bright colors and long-lasting splendid blossom – these are the results you can get after watering your home plants with shungite water. And even if you just put a shungite pyramid or figure by the plant it will become an extremely strong biostimulator. Shungite chips can serve a great fertilizer and drainage for the plant as they decontaminate the soil and the plant receives all the necessary elements for its active growth.

       And it’s no need to say that if you place the home plant into the shungite flowerpot it will be to the great advantage. The pot from this wonderful mineral accumulates water and allows to reduce the watering frequency. You need not to feed your plants with different fertilizers as shungite has a wonderful property of absorbing the fertilizing components and giving them back ionized and in due proportions within a long period of time as and when necessary. You plants won’t feel sick or capricious: shungite will protect them from the harmful electromagnetic interference as that is one of its most wonderful properties.

       Shungite flowerpot is a great opportunity to make your home plant handling process passive, simple but still extremely efficient

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Set of 4 shot glasses

Set of 4 shot glasses

Diameter: 47mm, Height: 45mm Wall thickness: 6mm Weight: 100 gr х 4 = 400gr.

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