www.store-shungite.com is a private limited company selling Shungite Stone goods made in Karelia Province, Russia.The company offers the lowest prices on the market as well as it provides wide range of products. We are also proud to say that our products are good quality. It is not just words but it is proven by our 15 years work experience. Moreover, every souvenir is made from a natural shungite, which you can only find in Zazhoginskoye mine (Medvezhyegorsk area; Republic of Karelia).The assortment is constantly updated and supplemented. We are also glad to consider any inquiries and wishes from our customers. 

Benefits of Buying from us - Our Company and all the stock is situated into Tallinn , Estonia a part of Europeon Union , So if you buy from us you dont have to pay any Custom duty and VAT (inside EU and EEA ) and no hastle for clearing the goods from customs. Shipment is also very fast and cheaper from Estonia to EU and rest of the world as comparison to Russia.

Yours sincerely,
the General Director of "CARNELIAN OÜ" Charnjit Moudgil 

Katleri 1-29
Tallinn 13915

Email- Tallinngems@yahoo.com

Our company - Carnelian OÜ  , registry nr. 11714731 , VAT nr - EE 101391087.

Our Shops - Dunkri 1 , Tallinn 10123 and Viru 26 Tallinn 10123 (old town of Tallinn , Estonia)

Our team - Charnjit Moudgil , Satwinder Moudgil , ANTONINA JEFREMOVA,KRISTINA NIKITINA, 

Adress for Documents - Katleri 1-29 , Tallinn 13915 Estonia

Tel-+3725246833 ,+3725514792