Return Policy does not apply to the following situations:

 - Return Policy does not apply to corporate customers and trader customers. Behalf of the company, the acquisition falls under company client relation and thus binding.

- Vacuum packed product in the opening of purchase.

 - Removed from the protective plastic on the light sources, separately ordered bulbs, once assembled products, as well as the buyer's request, ordered / made / custom products are not refundable.

1. Online store products bought granted consumer trade relations granted a 14-day limited return policy. Before deciding to buy the customer must determine the suitability of the product information of the customer's purpose. The returned product must be unusedin original packaging. Product Unpacking should be carried out with caution, the product and packaging must therefore be re-salable to others, that the recovery is successful. gives access to the contents of the package before giving it to the customer.

 2. The products must be packed carefully, so that the products are not damaged on return. Return to use the original packaging to the way in which the manufacturer has designed the product safe driving.

 3.  customer shall be refunded to the terms and conditions, but the original shipping charges are non-refundable.

4. The return must take place in the original package. We do not redeem exchangeable / returnable products through other way of transportation.

5.  not be liable for negligence and breach of the contract of packaged returns damage in transit. The potential customer's improper handling damages and costs paid by the customer.

6. The customer is obliged to keep the documents necessary for returning the products.

7. has 7 working day time to pay back the agreed claim amount to the customer bank account after receiving and inspection of the product in our warehouse.